This is a guide the district wants principals to follow in dealing with opting out parents.   Pitting parent against principal, just another delight in the high stakes testing game.   The truth is, we parents don’t have to submit to any of it.  When will district officials stop looking at us as the enemy and help us already?!  What are they doing to combat these destructive policies?


8 Responses to They bully parents when they should speak up for kids

  1. Conny Jensen says:

    Excellent point, Melissa! When will those in charge of our children in school,speak out against bad policies that have such negative effects on student learning and well-being?

    There is so much talk about the bad state of education and the need to improve it. Was education that much better in the past when our policymakers, school administrators, and schoolboard members were in school?

    It seems that questioning to develop critical thinking skills was not part of their generation’s curriculum, and that has led us to the big mess of ill-conceived education reforms we are experiencing now!

    • Melissa Jones says:

      Either they love NCLB and resulting policies, or they don’t understand that they can follow the rules and speak out against them at the same time. The state is not going to withhold funding because administrators are critical and vocal about the status quo. Some of these people have doctorate degrees, you’d think they could figure it out.

      • Conny Jensen says:

        It shows you that being “truly educated” means more than getting the diploma, degree or high test score!

        Here a comment from Nina Bishop:

        “..a retired teacher shared with me a demeaning experience she had here in D11. She had to administer a CSAP test to a SPED child. The child was a paraplegic; he could understand but couldn’t talk. It was the last straw for her.

        She felt so demeaned and felt the child’s self esteem was so demeaned it was shortly after that she retired…earlier than she needed to…I thought it was terribly sad.”

  2. julie says:

    It seems like they are having a hard time even acknowledging that there is a problem. We have to remember that for most of those involved, NCLB/CSAP is their baby. They have created and nurtured this into being. We are the people that have the audacity to say they have created an ugly child. We know their child is the bully on the play ground. The child that is wreaking havoc with the teachers. I think that the first step is for them to recognize how their “child” is affecting society. It is only after acknowledging problems, that solutions are sought out.

    • Melissa Jones says:

      And it’s the ugliest kid I’ve ever seen! : ) You are absolutely right, they refuse to acknowledge there is something foul going on.

  3. 4ndy says:

    Suggested action for this, if you haven’t already, send your own letters round to principals explaining how wrong that crucial first point is; that standardized testing harms a child’s learning and motivation, and that failing to adopt modern teaching practices is what is actually hurting the school.
    Ideally cite research, give them links to some of Ken Robinson’s or Alfie Kohn’s talks, or get them one of these as a gift. :P

    • Conny Jensen says:

      Giving research to the principals may help them understand, but will not change the day to day practices as those are dictated from the central administration. The superintendent acknowledged to some parents that her job is to raise test scores; that is what the schoolboard expects her to do.

      I have submitted research to the board over the last four years, but it gets ignored. But, they do know about the existence of the research and deep down they must know that condoning the rigid curriculum and denying children recess, and even playtime in K grades is wrong.

      At least they can not claim: “Wir haben es micht gewusst” – We didn’t know about it. This was a now famous sentence uttered as an excuse by many Germans after WWII and “it” referring to the atrocities committed against the Jews.

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