Jennifer Proseus  sent the following in email and as snail mail, and hopes it comes to Melinda’s attention.


To Melinda Gates

From one mom to another,  I’m asking you to please read my letter. I am sure you 
receive countless pleas for money, but this one is different.

… our children have become commodities. This new “reformed” educational system is experimenting with their education, and it is not succeeding. It is harming our children. They are being tested to death. Even my own daughter started having chronic stomach aches in 2 nd grade. After invasive testing by doctors, she was diagnosed with anxiety. Yes, my 8 year old child had anxiety over taking the TCAP standardized test in 2nd grade! She is not the only one. And now I hear that this year, kindergarten and 1st graders will be taking standardized tests, as well. This breaks my heart!

How did this happen? Simple: The teachers are forced to focus on testing because their
job depends on it. Students even learn songs about TCAP testing in music class! Our school pretty much comes to a halt in the spring to focus on THE TEST. Is worthwhile learning going on? No. Test taking skills and strategies are the main focus. They cram in as much info that might be on the test as they can. Their jobs and our school funds depend on how those babies score on the test!

After hearing complaints about the Common Core curriculum being confusing and
irrelevant, I researched it myself. I’m not at all happy with what I see. If a team of experienced Educators were to write the Common Core Curriculum, I might put more faith in it. However, it is written by businessmen and lawyers who are getting richer and richer off of this hoax on our children. I was alarmed to read in the news that the Common Core curriculum in New York is using videos from the Church of Scientology for their 5th graders! If this curriculum is supposed to be across-the board, does that mean my 5th grade child in Tennessee is learning that, too?

How did our State of Tennessee become so naïve to fall for this??? Well, they wanted the big $$$ that came from Race to the Top, and now they are after the generous grants from philanthropists. The wheels were further greased by elected officials whose campaigns were partially funded by “reform” groups such as Stand for Children & Teach for America. It was easy to pull the wool over the eyes of parents & teachers when everyone’s eyes were so glued on the big $$$.”

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