Coercion has no place in a democratic society, least of all in school where it flies in the face of everything that quality education should  stand for!”

Parents,  have you or your child been threatened, punished, or coerced  by school administrators and/or teachers for opting your child out of high-stakes standardized state testing? If so, please share your details with Nina Bishop who’s preparing to file a joint ACLU complaint.

Send your account along with signed permission to be included in the complaint, by snail mail to:

Nina Bishop

Call 719-233-1508


United Opt Out National

Uniting 4 Kids




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4 Responses to Afraid to Opt Out of Testing?

  1. C J says:

    Is the ACLU looking at a national complaint? I am in New York State.

  2. Michael Melio says:

    Question: If a parent opts out of testing, does the teacher suffer in CSAP test scores as a consequence? In other words, does the total score of all those taking tests get averaged in with those who do NOT take tests?

    If opting out hurts the teacher or school, I think I would have to oppose opting out, since it seems to be another ruse to destroy public education, and punish teachers, while promoting the privatization schemes we are all witnessing.

  3. Donna Mace says:

    For everyone concerned about the teachers, we appreciate it! However most of us will support (even applaud) your decision to opt out. In my state, Florida, students and teachers are hurt more by the tests every year. The tests were rewritten to make them more difficult, but we all came together and still maintained the expected growth in learning gains. So now, the state raised the cut scores, so even when our students continue to make learning gains, it will not show unless one knows how to read beyond the hype. School scores and student scores will be “lower” and that “loss” will be the fault of teachers , of course. This is the madness that Jeb Bush is selling around the nation to “reform” education and it is supported in DC by Arne Duncan (secretary of education), who was appointed by President Obama, much to the dismay of the nation’s public school teachers. So please ~ OPT OUT! Only parents can stop this madness that has gotten so out of control. You can also consider signing and sharing the Dump Duncan petition, calling for changes from the top down!

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